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Recommendations from the Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking
The goal of Iowa Businesses Against Trafficking (IBAT) is to raise awareness of human trafficking in Iowa, and to help move Iowa in the direction of eradicating trafficking.

As an IBAT member we ask that you educate yourself and offer materials to your employees about this issue our neighbors and friends are facing. We can all make a difference, but the first step is understanding human trafficking and knowing the signs.

Below are some resources that you can share with your employees/co-workers. You can also schedule a human trafficking training with one of the organizations below. The first step to remove human trafficking is to educate ourselves about the problem.

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Hand Signal that Saves Lives. A photo of an open hand where a thumb crosses into the hand and closes into a fist.


US Department of Homeland Security

The Blue Campaign is the unified voice for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) efforts to combat human trafficking. The following video will help answer the question, “What is Human Trafficking?”

Watch Now

Video Length: 4½ minutes

Note: the video referenced at the end of the above presentation is for the Blue Campaign. This resource is also listed below. It is under the NATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS INVOLVED IN THE FIGHT AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING. About Blue Campaign

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Presentation from the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Provides an overview of human trafficking and the current anti-trafficking response in the United States. It includes a definition of human trafficking and descriptions of sex and labor trafficking. The presentation will also teach participants how to identify and understand victims and about the anti-trafficking response network in the U.S.

Watch Now

Presentation Length: 35 minutes

Note: the original publish date of this video is from 2013. The video was updated in 2016, which is the last update.

Share America

There are currently 25 million people around the world who are the victims of human traffickers. Human trafficking is a global epidemic. Learn more about its different forms and how to be aware of it in your community.

Presentation Length: 2 minutes

USIAHT – United States Institute Against Human Trafficking

Excellent video presenting the facts of sex trafficking in the U.S.

Presentation Length: 36 minutes

Labor Trafficking

Learn the basics of labor trafficking.

Presentation Length: 4:16 minutes


Any Kid Anywhere: Sex Trafficking Survivor Stories

“Any Kid Anywhere: Sex Trafficking Survivor Stories” shatters the myth that sex trafficking is just a big city or third world country crime. This video was filmed locally and tells the harrowing story of three brave women who survived the reality of sex trafficking in Iowa.

Video Length: 15 minutes

I Am Still Here

“I Am Still Here” video tells the story of Layla who is ten years old and about to meet her new family. She just doesn’t know it yet. An act of kindness met with deception leads to Layla’s abduction and descent into a life of human trafficking hidden in an ordinary neighborhood.

Watch Now

Video Length: 1 hour and 43 minutes

Inside the Hidden Reality of Labor Trafficking in America

A documentary from FRONTLINE and the Investigative Reporting Program at U.C. Berkeley that goes inside the hidden world of labor trafficking. The investigation exposes a criminal network that exploited undocumented minors, the companies who profited from their labor and how government policies and practices helped to deliver some teens directly to their traffickers.

Video Length: 5 minutes

My Experience as a Labor Trafficking Survivor

Exceptional film with an extraordinary personal story told by a person who was trafficked.

Presentation Length: 11 minutes

Hidden In Plain Sight: Labor Trafficking in the ROC Region

A discussion of labor trafficking with members of the Worker Justice group in New York.

Presentation Length: 14 minutes

Noticed Trafficking but Didn’t Realize It?

Monica Khant – How my immigrant heritage allowed me to ignore labor trafficking.

Presentation Length: 17 minutes


Western Iowa

Southwest Iowa Coalition on Human Trafficking
Council Bluffs and Regional Counties
Speaker expertise: Human Trafficking 101, School Presentations, Trauma Informed Care, Hotel/Motel Training
To schedule a speaker contact them at

Siouxland Coalition Against Human Trafficking
Sioux City and Regional Counties
To schedule a speaker contact them at or visit their website at

Central Iowa

Ames & Regional Counties: Central Iowa Service Network Against Human Trafficking
More informative and educational. Speakers come from various coalitions.
Contact the organizations they are associated with (YESS)

Des Moines & Polk Counties: Plymouth Congregational Church Human Trafficking Task Force

Marshalltown & Marshall Counties
Last Watch Coalition

Eastern Iowa

Iowa City & Johnson County Human Trafficking Coalition
Speaker expertise: Human Trafficking 101, Trauma Informed Care, Legal Aspects of Trafficking
Possible willingness to speak outside of Johnson County.
Contact email:

Davenport: Attacking Trafficking
Quad Cities, Muscatine and Eastern Iowa.
Speaker expertise: Human Trafficking 101, Presentation to Medical Personnel, Hotel/Motel Training
Contact email:

Dubuque: Tri-State Coalition Against Trafficking and Slavery
Dubuque and the TriState area
Speaker Expertise: Human Trafficking 101, Bus Driver Training, School Training, Trauma Informed Care, Hotel/Motel Training.
Contact email for Hotel/Motel Training:
Contact email for all other training:

Chains Interrupted
Cedar Rapids and surrounding area
Speaker Expertise: Awareness/Action (general public), General Businesses, Schools, Hotel/Motels, Financial Industry, Vulnerable Youth, Faith Community, Church Safety Teams, Law Enforcement/Corrections, Technology, Mental Health Professionals, Medical Professionals, and Trauma-Informed Care.
To schedule a speaker, contact

Clinton Sisters of St. Francis Human Trafficking Coalition
NOTE: The group is in the process of being reorganized.

Local Iowa Organizations Involved in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

City, County, and Regional Coalitions in Iowa

Western Iowa

Sioux City & Regional Counties: Siouxland Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Council Bluffs & Regional Counties: Southwest Iowa Coalition on Human Trafficking

Central Iowa

Ames, Des Moines & Cities and Counties throughout Central Iowa: Central Iowa Service Network

Des Moines & Polk County: Plymouth Congregational Church Human Trafficking Task Force

Newton: Newton Says No to Human Trafficking

Marshalltown & Marshall Counties: Last Watch Coalition

Eastern Iowa

Cedar Rapids & Regional Counties: Eastern Iowa Regional Task Force

Cedar Rapids & Surrounding Area: Chains Interrupted

Clinton Sisters of St. Francis Human Trafficking Coalition

Dubuque & Regional Counties: Tri-State Coalition Against Human Trafficking (IA, IL, WI)

Iowa City & Johnson County: Johnson County Human Trafficking Coalition

Davenport: Attacking Trafficking


Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking and Slavery

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